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GUISystem Class Reference

#include <wmcgui.h>

Public Member Functions

 GUISystem ()
 ~GUISystem ()
GUIScreenPushScreen (GUIScreen *csp)
void PullScreen (GUIScreen *in_screen)
ScreenClassInfoEntryGetClassInfo ()
ScreenClassInfoEntryGetScreenClassInfo (const SCP_string &screen_name)
void ParseClassInfo (char *section)
void SetActiveObject (GUIObject *cgp)
void SetGraspedObject (GUIObject *cgp, int button)
int GetMouseX ()
int GetMouseY ()
int GetStatus ()
GUIObjectGetActiveObject ()
GUIObjectGetGraspedObject ()
int GetKeyPressed ()
int OnFrame (float frametime, bool doevents, bool clearandflip)


class GUIScreen

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GUISystem::GUISystem ( )

Definition at line 543 of file wmcgui.cpp.

GUISystem::~GUISystem ( )

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Member Function Documentation

GUIObject* GUISystem::GetActiveObject ( )

Definition at line 372 of file wmcgui.h.

ScreenClassInfoEntry* GUISystem::GetClassInfo ( )

Definition at line 358 of file wmcgui.h.

GUIObject* GUISystem::GetGraspedObject ( )

Definition at line 373 of file wmcgui.h.

int GUISystem::GetKeyPressed ( )

Definition at line 374 of file wmcgui.h.

int GUISystem::GetMouseX ( )

Definition at line 368 of file wmcgui.h.

int GUISystem::GetMouseY ( )

Definition at line 369 of file wmcgui.h.

ScreenClassInfoEntry * GUISystem::GetScreenClassInfo ( const SCP_string screen_name)

Definition at line 589 of file wmcgui.cpp.

int GUISystem::GetStatus ( )

Definition at line 370 of file wmcgui.h.

int GUISystem::OnFrame ( float  frametime,
bool  doevents,
bool  clearandflip 

Definition at line 601 of file wmcgui.cpp.

void GUISystem::ParseClassInfo ( char *  section)

Definition at line 142 of file wmcgui.cpp.

void GUISystem::PullScreen ( GUIScreen in_screen)

Definition at line 574 of file wmcgui.cpp.

GUIScreen * GUISystem::PushScreen ( GUIScreen csp)

Definition at line 562 of file wmcgui.cpp.

void GUISystem::SetActiveObject ( GUIObject cgp)

Definition at line 675 of file wmcgui.cpp.

void GUISystem::SetGraspedObject ( GUIObject cgp,
int  button 

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Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class GUIScreen

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