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audiostr.h File Reference

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#define ASF_SOUNDFX   0
#define ASF_EVENTMUSIC   1
#define ASF_MENUMUSIC   2
#define ASF_VOICE   3
#define ASF_NONE   4
#define MAX_AUDIO_STREAMS   30


void audiostream_init ()
void audiostream_close ()
int audiostream_open (const char *filename, int type)
void audiostream_close_file (int i, int fade=1)
void audiostream_close_all (int fade)
void audiostream_play (int i, float volume=-1.0f, int looping=1)
int audiostream_is_playing (int i)
void audiostream_stop (int i, int rewind=1, int paused=0)
void audiostream_set_volume_all (float volume, int type)
void audiostream_set_volume (int i, float volume)
int audiostream_is_paused (int i)
void audiostream_set_sample_cutoff (int i, unsigned int cutoff)
unsigned int audiostream_get_samples_committed (int i)
int audiostream_done_reading (int i)
int audiostream_is_inited ()
void audiostream_pause (int i, bool via_sexp_or_script=false)
void audiostream_unpause (int i, bool via_sexp_or_script=false)
void audiostream_pause_all (bool via_sexp_or_script=false)
void audiostream_unpause_all (bool via_sexp_or_script=false)


const char * audio_ext_list []
const int NUM_AUDIO_EXT

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ASF_EVENTMUSIC   1

Definition at line 19 of file audiostr.h.

#define ASF_MENUMUSIC   2

Definition at line 20 of file audiostr.h.

#define ASF_NONE   4

Definition at line 22 of file audiostr.h.

#define ASF_SOUNDFX   0

Definition at line 18 of file audiostr.h.

#define ASF_VOICE   3

Definition at line 21 of file audiostr.h.

#define MAX_AUDIO_STREAMS   30

Definition at line 26 of file audiostr.h.

Function Documentation

void audiostream_close ( )

Definition at line 1661 of file audiostr.cpp.

void audiostream_close_all ( int  fade)

Definition at line 1791 of file audiostr.cpp.

void audiostream_close_file ( int  i,
int  fade = 1 

Definition at line 1772 of file audiostr.cpp.

int audiostream_done_reading ( int  i)

Definition at line 1925 of file audiostr.cpp.

unsigned int audiostream_get_samples_committed ( int  i)

Definition at line 1912 of file audiostr.cpp.

void audiostream_init ( )

Definition at line 1611 of file audiostr.cpp.

int audiostream_is_inited ( )

Definition at line 1938 of file audiostr.cpp.

int audiostream_is_paused ( int  i)

Definition at line 1885 of file audiostr.cpp.

int audiostream_is_playing ( int  i)

Definition at line 1827 of file audiostr.cpp.

int audiostream_open ( const char *  filename,
int  type 

Definition at line 1713 of file audiostr.cpp.

void audiostream_pause ( int  i,
bool  via_sexp_or_script = false 

Definition at line 1943 of file audiostr.cpp.

void audiostream_pause_all ( bool  via_sexp_or_script = false)

Definition at line 1978 of file audiostr.cpp.

void audiostream_play ( int  i,
float  volume = -1.0f,
int  looping = 1 

Definition at line 1803 of file audiostr.cpp.

void audiostream_set_sample_cutoff ( int  i,
unsigned int  cutoff 

Definition at line 1898 of file audiostr.cpp.

void audiostream_set_volume ( int  i,
float  volume 

Definition at line 1871 of file audiostr.cpp.

void audiostream_set_volume_all ( float  volume,
int  type 

Definition at line 1857 of file audiostr.cpp.

void audiostream_stop ( int  i,
int  rewind = 1,
int  paused = 0 

Definition at line 1840 of file audiostr.cpp.

void audiostream_unpause ( int  i,
bool  via_sexp_or_script = false 

Definition at line 1960 of file audiostr.cpp.

void audiostream_unpause_all ( bool  via_sexp_or_script = false)

Definition at line 1990 of file audiostr.cpp.

Variable Documentation

const char* audio_ext_list[]

Definition at line 49 of file audiostr.cpp.

const int NUM_AUDIO_EXT

Definition at line 50 of file audiostr.cpp.