Released 2021-01-27
0002948: [graphics] Flickering glowpoints when different On and Off time
0002892: [FRED] Invalid bitmaps in background 2 not being detected during load/save (Goober5000)
0002378: [gameplay] Ships assigned in loadout respawn as default ships. (Goober5000)
0001892: [multiplayer] Standalone server taken over by next in line after host drops cannot exit debrief (taylor)
0003198: [gameplay] Support ships give primary weapons
0003199: [localization] Expanded tstrings.tbl strings limit (m_m)
0003174: [Pilot data] Unable to switch campaigns in the campaign room in certain cases (Goober5000)
0002840: [docking] Docking Paths not obeyed on multiple docking attempts.
0002826: [graphics] a Multi screen feature. (m_m)
0003155: [HUD] Some HUD tables break targeting brackets at 4K resolutions
0002984: [graphics] -trans doesn't work on cockpit pof
0002928: [graphics] afterburner trails rendered after engine is destroyed
0002881: [graphics] Rendering of -trans textures over animated textures seems to fail
0002848: [FRED graphics] Ship outlines no longer display when other render modes are selected.
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