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0003201FSSCPlocalizationpublic2021-01-09 19:37
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Summary0003201: Language setting flag
DescriptionI had another idea because of my translation efforts.

In Between the Ashes with its TrueTypeFont files i encountered the problem, that the font01.vf was ignored by the game and so i was not able to use it to change the language of the game into the desired one like i normally do.

In lack of a better solution i included a BAT file in my BtA-translation that have to be run before the game starts, because it backup and replace the fs2open.ini with a fs2open.ini that include only a "Language=German" entry... and that has the possibility to restore the original file after the player has exited the game.

But actually i do not like it this way, because this requires the player to start another program before he can play the game... and he have to remember to continue the program to restore the old settings after the session.

So i am asking for that better solution which would be a language flag in my opinion which you can integrate into the mod.ini or which you could call in programs like knossos directly.
Additional InformationThe -language flag should not be needed by default and the default value would be english of couse.
To prevent errors, it is maybe even a better idea if this one has a higher priority than the entry in the fs2open.ini file if this flag is user activated.
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MageKing17 (developer)

Changing language on a per-mod basis sounds like a bad idea to me...


Novachen (reporter)

Yes maybe. But currently, you have to force a language change over external means and that also require the the user is doing all required steps for that right, because otherwise problems would appear if he tries to play another mod. IMO the current possible solutions are also bad and not much better, because they need always to change the general language of the game.

In the multi language DVD FS2 release there was a Language tab in the Retail Launcher where you were able to switch between English, German and French languages.

But the problem only appeared in a Mod that uses solely TTF files so far. Maybe a change in the TTF-code would also be sufficent, so that the font01.vf is still recognized to set the desired language automatically.


MjnMixael (manager)

This request exists on GitHub here. https://github.com/scp-fs2open/fs2open.github.com/issues/2786

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