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Summary0002935: Mission Simulation/Preview Feature for wxFRED
DescriptionI'm stuffing this here in case I forget/ can't get around to implementing.

This feature would allow Fredder's to test out the mission they're working on inside of wxFRED, without needing to boot up the full instance of FSO. Four controls would be added, and their operation is similar to those on a vCR.

Play/Pause: Starts, pauses, or resumes the simulation. All editing functions are disabled during simulation, and most are enabled when the simulation is paused.

Rewind: Rewinds the simulation. Depending on memory needs and how the mission history is saved, this will likely be limited to a few minutes of game time.

Reset: Resets the state of the mission to the very beginning of the mission.

Fast Forward: Advances the simulation by playing at a slightly faster rate than normal.

Skip to End: Plays the simulation at the fastest rate without rendering. Use this to quickly test how a mission will end without sitting through the details.
Additional InformationPerhaps the most difficult control to implement would be the Rewind function, as it would require the complete state of the mission to be regularly saved.

A mission log of sorts would be required for the Skip to End control to be of any great use. The log would record when an AI shoots, engages, enters, dies, etc. and maybe also when certain sexp's and events are triggered.
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MjnMixael (manager)

If this is still something you want, please request it on our GitHub.

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