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0002915FSSCPscriptingpublic2021-01-09 18:41
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PlatformOSOS VersionWin 7
Product Version3.7.0 RC2 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002915: gr.drawMonochromeImage() dimensions define bounding box rather than image dimensions
DescriptionCalling drawMonochromImage() with x1, y1, x2 and y2 will cause an image to be drawn at its default size with the top left corner at (x1,y1). Any part of the image outside of the box defined by x2, y2 will simply be cut off - the image will not be resized to fit like it is in drawImage().
Steps To ReproduceRun FSO with the attached script in data\tables of the current mod.
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MjnMixael (manager)

Issue migrated to GitHub. https://github.com/scp-fs2open/fs2open.github.com/issues/3111

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