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0002909FSSCPgraphicspublic2021-01-09 01:39
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Summary0002909: homeworld hyperspace anim/warp
Descriptionok well according to The E this is a bug in FSO's graphics memory management, so basically the Homeworld warp type doesn't work right now which since I'm doing a Homeworld mod, yeah...so I attached a little mod that has the heavy cruiser warping in. Glow map texture is being applied to the warp effect for whatever reason.
Steps To ReproduceWell any the ships that I've ported that use the $Warpin Type: Homeworld and $Warpout Type: Homeworld stuff have this issue so just put that on a ship and watch it warp
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FSCyborg (developer)

Recent tests of the HW warp have shown it to work, to the point where Asteroth has been able to fix other issues involving it without encountering any issues related to graphics management.

This was probably fixed in the BMPMAN refactor.

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