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0000014FSSCPHT&Lpublic2012-03-13 02:47
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.14 
Summary0000014: HTL Thruster/hull intersection due to htl transition
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RandomTiger (developer)

Theres not much we can do about this sadly, its a surprisingly complex issue.
To avoid this the poly would have to be clipped against the shape of the ship!
Best not make thruster glows too big for now.


Goober5000 (administrator)

Mmph. Should this be closed then?


RandomTiger (developer)

No leave it in, its just not easy to fix thats all :)


Bobboau (developer)

this may need volumetrics to render them corectly


Lightspeed (reporter)

Last edited: 2004-03-07 08:00

Basically you will need to check if the thruster point is in the FOV, and if it is it will be rendered on top of everything else.

You know - like those subsystems: If you face them theyre with a box.

edited on: 03-07-04 08:00


Bobboau (developer)

that wouldn't work, then it would be flicering in and out of view, and would never look right


Lightspeed (reporter)

It would look right. When it's not in plain sight (diamond in targetting) it's rendered as it currently is. When it's in plain sight (square in targetting) its rendered on top of everything - this will look right as it actually is a very bright blinding glow. No idea how it should be flickering then?


WMCoolmon (developer)

I hate this bug, does anyone have some kind of implementation plan to get rid of it?


taylor (administrator)

Changing category to HT&L and un-assigning from Bobboau since he's not likely to ever fix this.


Swifty (developer)

Fixed as of Rev 7496.

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