2019-01-24 02:29 EST

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The_E trunk 2012-07-11 13:19:33 Pending
Changeset Various fixes and additions to the lua API from m!m:
Matrix vectors: getUvec(), getFVec() and getRVec()
equals operators for weaponclass and shipclass to improve performance where a string comparison was needed before
Cockpit display interface. Allows scripting to access the cockpit displays defined in ships.tbl and render to them using RTT
A getParent() function in the subsystem handle which returns the parent object of the subsystem
Numerous fixes in the way turret subsystems are handled which now results in more correct behavior
Targetable variable in subsystem which specifies if the subsystem is targetable or not
getNextFiringPosition() function in subsystem which returns the position and the direction of the next firing operation of the specified turret
Scripting access to post processing values
getCurrentCamera() function to retrieve the currently active camera
setLineWidth() to modify the width of the lines that are getting drawn
setClip() and resetClip() to set the clipping areas used for drawing
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