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taylor fs2_open_3_6_9 2006-12-26 00:25:18 Pending
Changeset lots of little cleanup, stale code removal, and small performance adjustments
get rid of the default combine texture state, we don't need it in general, and it can screw up fonts
get rid of the secondary color support, it doesn't do much in non-HTL mode, screws up various things, and has long since been obsolete but material setup
get rid of the old gamma setup, it actually conflicts with newer gamma support
default texture wrapping to edge clamp
do second gr_clear() on init to be sure and catch double-buffer
make sure that our active texture will always get reset to 0, rather than leaving it at whatever was used last
fixed that damn FBO bug from it hanging on textures and causing some rendering errors for various people
only lock verts once in HTL model rendering
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