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taylor fs2_open_3_6_9 2006-11-06 00:26:38 Pending
Changeset fix some of the envmap issues
 - use proper hand-ness for OGL
 - fix distortion
 - get rid of extra index buffer requirement
change starfield bitmaps to use an instance matrix rather than going through all the trouble of resetting the view matrix
basic cleanup and get rid of a couple of struct/variable naming issues (compiler sanity)
make double sure that we aren't using culling of z-buffering when rendering starfield bitmaps
mod - /branches/fs2_open_3_6_9/fs2_open/code/freespace2/freespace.cpp Diff ] File ]
mod - /branches/fs2_open_3_6_9/fs2_open/code/nebula/neb.cpp Diff ] File ]
mod - /branches/fs2_open_3_6_9/fs2_open/code/starfield/starfield.cpp Diff ] File ]
mod - /branches/fs2_open_3_6_9/fs2_open/code/starfield/starfield.h Diff ] File ]