2019-01-22 09:16 EST

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taylor trunk 2006-05-27 13:17:57 Pending
Changeset few things:
  - comment out that -fixbugs and -nocrash crap, that's just stupid
  - move -env off of the experimental list (since it's working pretty well in OGL)
  - remove -nobeampierce
  - remove -max_subdivide (didn't do anything)
  - remove -rt (didn't do anything, and per-coder cmdline options should never be in CVS)
  - move -cache_bitmaps to game speed rather than graphics
  - add options for env and spec map scaling for envmaps (temporary, to be removed before official 3.6.8)
  - add option for new alpha blend mode so that artists can still test with it but not mess up normal users with the bad MediaVPs
  - remove -d3d_particle (it's obsolete now)
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