2019-02-17 12:36 EST

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taylor trunk 2005-06-29 14:49:37 Pending
Changeset various FS2NetD fixes:
 - replace timer stuff with something that more accurately works cross-platform and without being affected by load
 - better sanity checking for the server list
 - working Linux compatibility that's not dog slow
 - when calling DataReady() make sure that the data is properly valid
 - fix messed up cvs merge cleanup from the Linux merge which did nasty things
mod - /trunk/fs2_open/code/fs2open_pxo/TCP_Client.cpp Diff ] File ]
mod - /trunk/fs2_open/code/fs2open_pxo/TCP_Socket.cpp Diff ] File ]
mod - /trunk/fs2_open/code/fs2open_pxo/TCP_Socket.h Diff ] File ]