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voicerec.h File Reference

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#define GRAMMARID1   161
#define WM_RECOEVENT   WM_USER+190


bool VOICEREC_init (HWND hWnd, int event_id, int grammar_id, int command_resource)
void VOICEREC_deinit ()
void VOICEREC_process_event (HWND hWnd)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define GRAMMARID1   161

Definition at line 4 of file voicerec.h.

#define WM_RECOEVENT   WM_USER+190

Definition at line 5 of file voicerec.h.

Function Documentation

void VOICEREC_deinit ( )
bool VOICEREC_init ( HWND  hWnd,
int  event_id,
int  grammar_id,
int  command_resource 
void VOICEREC_process_event ( HWND  hWnd)