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version.h File Reference

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#define FS_VERSION_MAJOR   3
#define FS_VERSION_MINOR   7
#define FS_VERSION_BUILD   5
#define FS_VERSION_REVIS   000000


bool version::check_at_least (int major, int minor, int build, int revision)
 Checks if the current version is at least the given version. More...
SCP_string version::format_version (int major, int minor, int build, int revision)
 Returns the string representation of the passed version. More...

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#define FS_VERSION_BUILD   5

Definition at line 39 of file version.h.

#define FS_VERSION_MAJOR   3

Definition at line 37 of file version.h.

#define FS_VERSION_MINOR   7

Definition at line 38 of file version.h.

#define FS_VERSION_REVIS   000000

Definition at line 40 of file version.h.