Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
pcxutils.h File Reference
#include "globalincs/pstypes.h"
#include "cfile/cfile.h"

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#define PCX_ERROR_NONE   0
#define PCX_ERROR_MEMORY   7


int pcx_read_header (const char *filename, CFILE *img_cfp=NULL, int *w=0, int *h=0, int *bpp=0, ubyte *pal=NULL)
int pcx_read_bitmap (const char *filename, ubyte *org_data, ubyte *pal, int byte_size, int aabitmap=0, int nondark=0, int cf_type=CF_TYPE_ANY)
int pcx_write_bitmap (const char *filename, int w, int h, ubyte **row_ptrs, ubyte *palette)

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#define PCX_ERROR_MEMORY   7

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#define PCX_ERROR_NONE   0

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Function Documentation

int pcx_read_bitmap ( const char *  filename,
ubyte org_data,
ubyte pal,
int  byte_size,
int  aabitmap = 0,
int  nondark = 0,
int  cf_type = CF_TYPE_ANY 

Definition at line 217 of file pcxutils.cpp.

int pcx_read_header ( const char *  filename,
CFILE img_cfp = NULL,
int w = 0,
int h = 0,
int bpp = 0,
ubyte pal = NULL 

Definition at line 40 of file pcxutils.cpp.

int pcx_write_bitmap ( const char *  filename,
int  w,
int  h,
ubyte **  row_ptrs,
ubyte palette 

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