Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
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1 /*
2  * Created by Hassan "Karajorma" Kazmi for the FreeSpace2 Source Code Project.
3  * You may not sell or otherwise commercially exploit the source or things you
4  * create based on the source.
5  */
7 #include "globalincs/pstypes.h"
8 #include "ship/ship.h"
10 extern int Multi_sexp_bytes_left;
14 void multi_end_callback();
15 void multi_do_callback(); // starts and ends a callback, used when there is no data to be written
18 // server side packet fillers
19 void multi_send_int(int value);
21 void multi_send_ship(int shipnum);
22 void multi_send_object(object *objp);
24 void multi_send_string(char *string);
25 void multi_send_string(const SCP_string &string);
26 void multi_send_bool(bool value);
27 void multi_send_float(float value);
28 void multi_send_short(short value);
31 void sexp_packet_received(ubyte *received_packet, int num_ubytes);
39 // client side packet emptiers
40 bool multi_get_int(int &value);
41 bool multi_get_ship(int &value);
42 bool multi_get_ship(ship*& shipp);
43 bool multi_get_object(object*& value);
44 bool multi_get_parse_object(p_object*& pobjp);
45 bool multi_get_string(char *buffer);
47 bool multi_get_bool(bool &value);
48 bool multi_get_float(float &value);
49 bool multi_get_short(short &value);
void multi_send_bool(bool value)
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:379
bool multi_sexp_discard_operator()
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:583
void multi_send_short(short value)
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:417
GLsizei const GLfloat * value
Definition: Glext.h:5646
void initalise_sexp_packet()
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:62
void multi_discard_remaining_callback_data()
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:819
int Multi_sexp_bytes_left
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:46
std::basic_string< char, std::char_traits< char >, std::allocator< char > > SCP_string
Definition: vmallocator.h:21
object * objp
Definition: lua.cpp:3105
ship * shipp
Definition: lua.cpp:9162
void multi_send_ship(ship *shipp)
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:290
void multi_send_string(char *string)
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:344
bool multi_get_string(char *buffer)
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:726
void multi_send_ushort(ushort value)
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:436
int multi_sexp_get_operator()
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:541
bool multi_get_float(float &value)
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:774
void multi_finished_callback()
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:562
GLuint buffer
Definition: Glext.h:5492
Definition: ship.h:534
unsigned char ubyte
Definition: pstypes.h:62
void multi_end_callback()
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:107
void multi_sexp_flush_packet()
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:215
bool multi_get_ushort(ushort &value)
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:804
void multi_start_callback()
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:79
int multi_sexp_get_next_operator()
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:523
bool multi_get_parse_object(p_object *&pobjp)
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:702
void multi_send_parse_object(p_object *pobjp)
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:326
unsigned short ushort
Definition: pstypes.h:63
bool multi_get_int(int &value)
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:616
bool multi_get_short(short &value)
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:789
bool multi_get_object(object *&value)
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:676
bool multi_get_ship(int &value)
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:632
void multi_send_float(float value)
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:398
void multi_do_callback()
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:142
void sexp_packet_received(ubyte *received_packet, int num_ubytes)
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:461
void multi_send_object(object *objp)
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:308
void multi_send_int(int value)
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:257
bool multi_get_bool(bool &value)
Definition: multi_sexp.cpp:759