Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
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1 /*
2  * Copyright (C) Volition, Inc. 1999. All rights reserved.
3  *
4  * All source code herein is the property of Volition, Inc. You may not sell
5  * or otherwise commercially exploit the source or things you created based on the
6  * source.
7  *
8 */
12 #include "mission/missiongrid.h"
16 extern int Aa_gridlines;
17 extern int player_start1;
18 extern int Editing_mode;
19 extern int Control_mode;
20 extern int Show_grid;
21 extern int Show_grid_positions;
22 extern int Show_coordinates;
23 extern int Show_outlines;
24 extern int Single_axis_constraint;
25 extern int Show_distances;
26 extern int Universal_heading;
27 extern int Flying_controls_mode;
28 extern int Group_rotate;
29 extern int Show_horizon;
30 extern int Lookat_mode;
31 extern int True_rw, True_rh;
32 extern int Fixed_briefing_size;
34 extern vec3d Tp1, Tp2; // test points
36 extern vec3d view_pos, eye_pos;
39 void fred_render_init();
40 void generate_starfield();
41 void move_mouse(int btn, int mdx, int mdy);
42 void game_do_frame();
43 void render_frame();
44 void level_controlled();
int Lookat_mode
Definition: fredrender.cpp:89
int Show_grid
Definition: fredrender.cpp:81
void generate_starfield()
void game_do_frame()
int Show_horizon
Definition: fredrender.cpp:87
vec3d Constraint
Definition: fredrender.cpp:106
Definition: pstypes.h:88
int Show_outlines
Definition: fredrender.cpp:82
physics_info view_physics
Definition: fredrender.cpp:114
int Show_grid_positions
Definition: fredrender.cpp:84
int True_rh
Definition: fredrender.cpp:98
int Fixed_briefing_size
Definition: fredrender.cpp:99
int True_rw
Definition: fredrender.cpp:98
int Group_rotate
Definition: fredrender.cpp:93
void render_frame()
int Flying_controls_mode
Definition: fredrender.cpp:92
matrix eye_orient
Definition: fredrender.cpp:112
vec3d Tp2
Definition: fredrender.cpp:108
vec3d Anticonstraint
Definition: fredrender.cpp:107
int Show_distances
Definition: fredrender.cpp:86
matrix view_orient
Definition: fredrender.cpp:112
vec3d Tp1
Definition: fredrender.cpp:108
int Single_axis_constraint
Definition: fredrender.cpp:90
void level_controlled()
Definition: fredrender.cpp:199
vec3d eye_pos
Definition: fredrender.cpp:103
int Control_mode
Definition: fredrender.cpp:79
int Editing_mode
Definition: fredrender.cpp:78
int Show_coordinates
Definition: fredrender.cpp:85
int Universal_heading
Definition: fredrender.cpp:91
int player_start1
Definition: fredrender.cpp:77
int Aa_gridlines
Definition: fredrender.cpp:74
void verticalize_controlled()
Definition: fredrender.cpp:298
void move_mouse(int btn, int mdx, int mdy)
Definition: fredrender.cpp:353
vec3d view_pos
Definition: fredrender.cpp:103
void fred_render_init()
Definition: fredrender.cpp:155