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encrypt.h File Reference

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void encrypt_init ()
int is_encrypted (char *scrambled_text)
int is_old_encrypt (char *scrambled_text)
const char * encrypt_type (char *scrambled_text)
void encrypt (char *text, int text_len, char *scrambled_text, int *scrambled_len, int use_8bit, bool new_encrypt=true)
void unencrypt (char *scrambled_text, int scrambled_len, char *text, int *text_len)

Function Documentation

void encrypt ( char *  text,
int  text_len,
char *  scrambled_text,
int scrambled_len,
int  use_8bit,
bool  new_encrypt = true 

Definition at line 64 of file encrypt.cpp.

void encrypt_init ( )

Definition at line 453 of file encrypt.cpp.

const char* encrypt_type ( char *  scrambled_text)

Definition at line 435 of file encrypt.cpp.

int is_encrypted ( char *  scrambled_text)

Definition at line 407 of file encrypt.cpp.

int is_old_encrypt ( char *  scrambled_text)

Definition at line 421 of file encrypt.cpp.

void unencrypt ( char *  scrambled_text,
int  scrambled_len,
char *  text,
int text_len 

Definition at line 177 of file encrypt.cpp.