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cutscenes.h File Reference

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struct  cutscene_info


typedef struct cutscene_info cutscene_info


void cutscene_init ()
int cutscene_get_cd_num (char *filename)
void cutscenes_screen_init ()
void cutscenes_screen_close ()
void cutscenes_screen_do_frame ()
int cutscenes_validate_cd (char *mve_name, int prompt_for_cd=1)
void cutscene_mark_viewable (char *filename)


SCP_vector< cutscene_infoCutscenes

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct cutscene_info cutscene_info

Function Documentation

int cutscene_get_cd_num ( char *  filename)
void cutscene_init ( )

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void cutscene_mark_viewable ( char *  filename)

Definition at line 126 of file cutscenes.cpp.

void cutscenes_screen_close ( )

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void cutscenes_screen_do_frame ( )

Definition at line 503 of file cutscenes.cpp.

void cutscenes_screen_init ( )

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int cutscenes_validate_cd ( char *  mve_name,
int  prompt_for_cd = 1 

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