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opengl_uniform_state Member List

This is the complete list of members for opengl_uniform_state, including all inherited members.

setUniform2f(const SCP_string &name, const float x, const float y)opengl_uniform_state
setUniform2f(const SCP_string &name, const vec2d &val)opengl_uniform_state
setUniform3f(const SCP_string &name, const float x, const float y, const float z)opengl_uniform_state
setUniform3f(const SCP_string &name, const vec3d &value)opengl_uniform_state
setUniform4f(const SCP_string &name, const vec4 &val)opengl_uniform_state
setUniformf(const SCP_string &name, const float value)opengl_uniform_state
setUniformi(const SCP_string &name, const int value)opengl_uniform_state
setUniformMatrix4f(const SCP_string &name, const matrix4 &val)opengl_uniform_state
setUniformMatrix4fv(const SCP_string &name, const int count, const matrix4 *value)opengl_uniform_state