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Summary 0002023: Additional tools and/or help needed for camera coordinate systems
Revision 2013-06-23 18:17 by Goober5000
Additional Information Admiral MS said the following:

I took a look at this and there seems to be no difference between camera and ingame coordinate systems:
- I found no transformation anywhere in camera code that would change something from the ingame coordinates
- Using a script to display Position and Orientation of a ship and its camera revealed them to be identical (scripting includes no tranformations)
- FRED uses the same axes that are used ingame

What I found:
- The background editor in FRED uses a completely different definition of pitch bank and heading that doesn't align with ingame coordinates
- The input of set-object-orientation is defined as going from 0 to 360° for pitch, bank and heading while ingame these have different ranges (heading and bank: -90° to 270°, pitch: -90° to 90° to -90°)
- Guessing an orientation for a random direction and bank angle is nearly impossible in the system used, it has to be calculated
- Before the camera code and scripting were added set-object-orientation was the only sexp that allowed to modify the actual object orientation, so people may have a wrong idea of how the orientation works

Obiously there is a chance I missed something - I didn't check every single line of code that is somehow related to cameras.
Revision 2009-11-09 23:40 by chief1983
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