Open source remastering of the Freespace 2 engine
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1 /*
2  * Created by Hassan "Karajorma" Kazmi for the FreeSpace2 Source Code Project.
3  * You may not sell or otherwise commercially exploit the source or things you
4  * create based on the source.
5  */
8 #include "globalincs/globals.h"
9 #include "globalincs/pstypes.h"
10 #include "globalincs/systemvars.h"
12 extern int Directive_wait_time;
13 extern bool True_loop_argument_sexps;
14 extern bool Fixed_turret_collisions;
17 extern bool Alternate_chaining_behavior;
20 extern int Default_fiction_viewer_ui;
21 extern bool Enable_external_shaders;
22 extern int Default_detail_level;
23 extern bool Full_color_head_anis;
26 extern int FS2NetD_port;
27 extern float Briefing_window_FOV;
28 extern bool Disable_hc_message_ani;
30 extern bool Beams_use_damage_factors;
31 extern float Generic_pain_flash_factor;
32 extern float Shield_pain_flash_factor;
34 void mod_table_init();
bool Enable_external_shaders
Definition: mod_table.cpp:27
int Directive_wait_time
Definition: mod_table.cpp:18
bool Disable_hc_message_ani
Definition: mod_table.cpp:34
void mod_table_init()
Definition: mod_table.cpp:345
bool Beams_use_damage_factors
Definition: mod_table.cpp:36
bool Red_alert_applies_to_delayed_ships
Definition: mod_table.cpp:35
int FS2NetD_port
Definition: mod_table.cpp:32
bool Damage_impacted_subsystem_first
Definition: mod_table.cpp:21
float Generic_pain_flash_factor
Definition: mod_table.cpp:37
bool Weapons_inherit_parent_collision_group
Definition: mod_table.cpp:30
int Default_fiction_viewer_ui
Definition: mod_table.cpp:26
bool Alternate_chaining_behavior
Definition: mod_table.cpp:23
float Shield_pain_flash_factor
Definition: mod_table.cpp:38
float Briefing_window_FOV
Definition: mod_table.cpp:33
int Default_weapon_select_effect
Definition: mod_table.cpp:25
int Default_detail_level
Definition: mod_table.cpp:28
bool Cutscene_camera_displays_hud
Definition: mod_table.cpp:22
bool Full_color_head_anis
Definition: mod_table.cpp:29
int Default_ship_select_effect
Definition: mod_table.cpp:24
bool Flight_controls_follow_eyepoint_orientation
Definition: mod_table.cpp:31
bool Fixed_turret_collisions
Definition: mod_table.cpp:20
bool True_loop_argument_sexps
Definition: mod_table.cpp:19