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0002792wxFREDpublic2013-02-10 14:48
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Summary0002792: Restrict default player orders
DescriptionIt makes little sense for all the friendly ships in a mission to respect the orders of the player. I would like to suggest that wxFRED by default assign no player orders at all to ships other than fighters and bombers, and possibly no player orders to ships outside the three starting wings. A mission designer could add player orders to these ships himself as needed but they would not be enabled unless specifically checked by the author.
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Goober5000 (administrator)

I think this is a matter of taste. In most missions, wings that arrive later on are reinforcements for the player, so the player should be able to command them. And the FREDder has the ability to change whether any given wing can accept orders or not.

As for the other question, you can change the default orders accepted by editing objecttypes.tbl.

Closing as no change required.

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