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0002782FSSCPphysicspublic2021-01-09 17:38
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Product Version3.6.15 
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Summary0002782: Rotating object colliding results in a not responding state due to uninitialized submodel info index
DescriptionBasically I have a test model (will attach a retail compatible version) with several rotating subsystems. Those subsystems have subobjects which rotate with them. This works fine in game for a random period of time. Collisions with these objects work during that time. Eventually the game will go into a not responding state with the standard windows close program, debug options. Looking in the debugger it stops at line 606 in colideshipship.cpp which is if (!pm->submodel[ship_ship_hit_info->submodel_num].sii->axis_set) {. When it goes unresponsive pm->submodel[ship_ship_hit_info->submodel_num].sii appears to be not initialized as seen here:
 + sii 0x00000000 {blown_off=??? angs={...} prev_angs={...} ...} submodel_instance_info *

The last time this happened I did not witness any collision but the ship just fired a beam at a support ship so it might be one of those strange support ship issues.

Steps To ReproduceI'll make a retail compatible mod with the ship I have. The current method to reproduce the issue is to just fly around and wait.
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FUBAR-BDHR (developer)

File is too big to attach. http://fubar5.fubar.org/mantis/2782.rar

It was a lot harder to reproduce in FS2 then TBP for some reason. I had to add several other wings of ships to get it to happen in FS2 where 1 wing was enough to repo it in TBP. It increases the chance or it happeing if you get close to the hull of the enemy ship and order all ships to form on your wing.


MjnMixael (manager)

Unable to reproduce this issue in 21.0.0 RC2 with self-made test assets. Original reporter and test assets are long gone.

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