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0002032FSSCPBuild systempublic2020-04-13 15:15
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Summary0002032: Build request system
DescriptionTake concepts from the nightly build scripts to expand this into a way for users to request a custom build configuration via an automated system.
Steps To ReproduceSomething like a cron job that runs on the build systems, and frequently checks for a new build request. The configuration in the request is built, then uploaded, then the request is modified as completed and a link made available to user who requested it. Not sure how this is going to work exactly, but hopefully builds will only take 30-45 minutes, or less if we get good hardware/hosting for the build machines.
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Goober5000 (administrator)

Bump for feedback. Is this going to be worked on or can we close it?


ngld (reporter)

I've got a buildbot for FSO. You can already request builds (https://build.tproxy.de/builders/fs2-trunk-linux and https://build.tproxy.de/builders/fs2-trunk-windows) but the only option you can change is the SVN revision. I could extend this if needed.

Builds for linux usually take less than 5 minutes and around 15 minutes (7 minutes compiling, 7 minutes upload) for windows.

To download a build you have to click on the build number, then look for the "upload" step in "Steps and Logfiles". There should be a link to either trunk-...-linux.tar.gz or trunk-...-windows.7z.


chief1983 (administrator)

Nifty. I also have been working on this, slowly, the upgrades to my build system that allow release building also have helped it move in a direction to have more control over what is built. It's moving.


Goober5000 (administrator)

With our current build infrastructure, I'm marking this as resolved.

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