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0000099FSSCPtablespublic2004-02-08 21:112004-02-09 15:14
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Summary0000099: For reverse compatability - Fighterbay settings can crash game
DescriptionVanilla FS2 ships with fighterbays have the subsystem strength set to zero, so they won't be destroyable. FS_open complains and then crashes.
Additional Informationv.1_30_2004
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2004-02-09 14:37   
Works fine for me. What kind of error do you get?
2004-02-09 15:03   
It told me that a ship had a subsystem strength set to zero, which is invalid, and that I could either break into debugger, or cancel. I clicked to break into debugger, and it CTD'd.
2004-02-09 15:14   
Oh, that. Whoops. That was something that I added briefly as a debug check, and then I realized what was going on and fixed it. You must have gotten a build that was posted at exactly the wrong moment. :p

Anyway, this is fixed, so I'm closing the bug.

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