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0000932FSSCP---------public2006-06-03 18:502006-11-01 09:57
Assigned Totaylor 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.9 
Summary0000932: Assert when Capella goes nova
DescriptionWhen Capella goes Nova, I get ASSERTION FAILED: "Viewer_obj" at freespace2/freespace.cpp:2320 if I am not facing the sun when I jump out (jumping triggers the supernova sequence before time runs out) If I am facing the sun, nova procedes normally as I jump out. If time runs out before I jump, nova also normal.
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2006-06-03 18:56   
That was weird. Summary should be Assert when Capella goes nova, Severity should be crash. I'm running debug built from CVS from today.
2006-06-04 08:18   
Seen something similar reported once before. Thought it was just a fluke then but two reports warrants looking it. Still pretty well into the supernova code so I'll take a look at it.
2006-07-08 23:26   
* BUMP *

Is this still an issue? I haven't been able to recreate it so I wasn't sure.
2006-07-15 18:32   

This is getting closed this weekend unless there is some update on the status of the bug.
2006-07-17 11:51   
2006-11-01 09:57   
I just removed the Assert(). I was able to reproduce it reliably and after tracing through the code a bit I realized that the Assert() isn't even needed there.


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