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0000867FSSCPturretspublic2006-03-18 13:522008-03-31 19:41
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.10 
Summary0000867: Multi-firepoint turrets should default to not using the extra firepoints
DescriptionI know you fixed this so they'd all be used, WMC, but it breaks balance in some retail missions - for example, the Orion's turrets now do 3x the original damage. Best to add a hook into ai_profiles to enable this. I'd add it myself except I'm not quite sure where the hook should go. :p
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has duplicate 0001290resolved WMCoolmon Turret issues 
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The Trivial Psychic   
2006-03-18 22:28   
Actually, I'd like to be able to use this feature more selectively than simply by AI profiles. TBP uses some ships which have a single swarm weapon mounted on a multi-firepoint turret, so that it will cycle between the firepoints. However, other instances where there is a specific weapon slated for each firepoint, it'd be best to have them stick to the firepoint they've been assigned. Is there any way to accomodate this? Ships/weapons Table entry/flag?
2006-03-19 02:29   
Per-subsys would be best. Damn, it's been a while since I worked on that code. Probably just a matter of changing the number of times a for loop is iterated through...maybe...
2006-06-30 01:30   
I've uploaded a

If you have any tables that use the existing subsystem flags, it will complain. I swapped the syntax to be $Flags: ("untargetable" "carry no damage" "use multiple guns") rather than keep on adding the + flags, since there's become more and more reason for subsys flags as of late.
2006-09-09 03:20   
This should be in CVS now, does this fix the problem mission(s)?
2006-09-09 12:54   
To be honest I didn't have a specific mission in mind. If you tell me which files you changed, I could look them over.
The Trivial Psychic   
2006-09-09 20:11   
So, there's now a $flags line for each subsystem then? The Wiki should be updated to reflect this change.
2007-01-21 04:14   
Assuming this is fixed, since I haven't heard any more complaints with the new code.
2007-01-21 14:45   
WMC, I never had a specific mission in mind. Could you tell me the commit you made to fix the issue, so I can look it over?

That's the whole reason I left this bug open. Look at the comment I made above. :)

2007-02-08 05:31   
Okay, this is interesting. I've confirmed that the bug still exists in 3.6.9, but not in HEAD. Attached is a simple sample mission.
2007-02-17 18:24   
I dont know if this is related but if i used 'same turret cooldown' weapon (with small fof) with the turrets and had defined two primary weapons for the turret i got double shots with alternating firepoints regardess of the 'use multiple guns' flag.
2007-02-21 19:24   
Also, from Wanderer in bug 0001290...

"Turrets use only single firing point instead of alternating between multiple ones - tested using mediavp Aeolus, used twin points when using 369 builds and only single one with cvs builds.

'use multiple guns' flag didnt seem to have any effect."
2008-03-31 19:41   
Added the missing flag check, so...


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