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0000080FSSCPOpenGLpublic2004-01-22 14:012007-03-23 04:17
Assigned Totaylor 
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Summary0000080: OGL HT&L poof effects not working
DescriptionThe screenshot makes it clear.
The poof effect is rendered in 3D space rather than in front of the eye. D3D works perfectly so OGL may need to branch its codepath off.

Also fogging doesnt work. I had a look into fixing this but got lost in unfamilar OGL code. Give me a shout if you need any info on how I implemented it in D3D.
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Attached Filesjpg gl_fog.jpg (102,196) 2004-01-22 14:01

2004-02-04 15:47   
Fogging now works in htl, but not in non htl because its not setup to shade the vertices from an average background pixel colour. Perhaps not an issues since no-one uses non htl anyway.

Poofs are still messed up though
2004-04-13 10:10   
This (poofs) is fixed now right? My OGL fixes for the whiteout and neb2 lightning bugs will go in CVS as soon as I get the chance. Neb2 OGL should work the same as D3D after that.
2004-04-14 06:27   
all fixes in and tested in OGL/D3D

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