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0000008FSSCPDirectXpublic2003-12-16 12:412007-11-22 13:58
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Summary0000008: Blue lines appear around buttons on interface with 'fix geforce text problem' and 'pcx32' activated
DescriptionBlue lines appear around buttons on the interface with 'fix geforce text problem' and 'pcx32' activated. This does not happen in openGL mode, only Direct3D. If either the 'pcx32' flag or the 'fix gf text problem' tick box is not selected then there is no problem. Other flags do not affect the problem.
Using 12_01_2003_fs2_open_r.exe, launcher v3.3 and media vp356c

an image of the blue lines is included
Additional InformationAs it only happens in D3D, the text cap file is attached
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has duplicate 0000154closed RandomTiger PCX files with transparency displayed offset with AA modes 
Attached Filesjpg Image3.jpg (10,718) 2003-12-16 12:41

txt text cap file.txt (19,218) 2004-01-14 01:46
jpg Image2.jpg (62,733) 2005-11-06 09:54

2003-12-16 13:02   
Just found that setting antialiasing to 'D3DMULTISMAPLE_NONE' stops the blue lines from appearing
2004-01-14 01:46   
Moved the text cap file to an attachment, since it was huge.
2004-01-14 13:02   
Would have done that but I didn't realise that you could have more than 1 attachment.
2004-01-14 13:16   
I think this bug should be assigned to bobboau since he's our D3D guy
2004-01-25 09:34   
Only happens when using AA. This is an AA bug.
2004-04-06 21:17   
is this fixed?
2004-04-07 02:40   
2005-03-14 08:41   
If this is fixed, please close it.
2005-03-14 09:16   
It isn't, though.
2005-03-14 17:36   
it isn't fixed, but there is no real easy way to fix it, both PCX32 and anti-aliasing are consitered experimental IIRC.

however I have a feeling that the PCX32 comand has more to do with the problem than the other one.
2005-03-16 15:33   
I dont see why.
PCX32 just gives the image more depth.
AA draws on information that might be outside the boundery of the texture.
Why its blue I have no idea.
2005-03-17 10:04   
What feedback is needed? I can reproduce this particular error pretty easily whenever I turn on AA and -PCX32
2005-03-17 15:44   
Everyone can reproduce it.
2005-11-05 03:02   
I can't reproduce this bug anymore. Can anyone?
2005-11-05 22:01   
Reminder sent to karajorma

Are you still able to reproduce this bug?
2005-11-06 09:55   
I can't reproduce it exactly, but I can get something similar with antialiasing and 'fix font distortion problem' on. A pic of what I mean is attached(Image2.jpg) and I'm using 3.6.7 p4 build.

The thing circled in green moves with the cursor and the thing circled in blue appears when the the mouse is over the select button.

edited on: 11-06-05 09:55
2006-05-08 00:22   
* BUMP *

OpenGL has some code which could resolve this issue for D3D (texture repeat/clamping issues with off-int uv addressing and clipping) but if no one knows how to do the same thing in the D3D then that doesn't help anyone. With D3D unsupported, someone will have to step up and take this, or we close it.
2006-05-13 16:40   
Closing due to lack of interest from anyone. This can be reopened if someone will step forward and work on the D3D code. Likely this is the same issue as what was seen with OpenGL so simply dealing properly with repeating/uv-coords on interface graphics should fix it.


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