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0000717FSSCPphysicspublic2006-01-16 10:122006-11-01 10:07
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Summary0000717: Warping in ships do not change with variables
DescriptionWhen adding variables to select team ship class, this does not come into effect when using the warp effect. eg. when selecting a wing of ships to jump in at a pre-determined point using the warp effect, the ships do not change in accordance with the variables. This seems to work fine if ships do not use the warp effect.
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2006-01-16 18:12   

Rephrase, and please attach a mission that demonstrates the problem.
2006-01-17 06:22   
Sorry if its a bit vague.
We are working on a TBP campaign BHX, which is a campaign which uses many custom variables, player selects friendly race and enemy race, during mission the variables randomly select the ship class for each race. Then the ships change their ship type following the random variables. All ships change fine at start of mission but when using a warp effect for the ship (unticking no warp effect)they do not use the warp effect.
2006-01-17 11:21   
Oh. So in other words, the sexp works fine for ships that are in-mission but not for ships that have yet to arrive.

That was done by design, to make the code simpler.
2006-01-17 12:05   
LOL, yes, thats the easy way to put.
2006-01-23 07:12   
Would there be any chance of changing this in the future? as this would help any campaigns using variables giving us the chance to have more freedom with the missions within it.
2006-01-23 11:59   
It would take a significant amount of extra work. How much work I'm not sure. Do you really need this?
2006-01-24 06:28   
I can imagine that this may take a lot of work, but we really need this. In a lot of the missions we want friendly and enemy ships to jump in at pre-determined times, currently this can not be used as the ships do not change their ship type, so without this we can not use this option. We really need to use this option as we will only be able to use ships in the mission that start with the mission. It would be much appretiated if you can help us out on this one.

Thanks in advance

Mad About Games
2006-02-14 09:52   
Any progress yet?
2006-02-14 09:54   
No, as I said it would require a significant amount of extra work. I'm not sure when I'll be able to work on it.
2006-02-18 01:29   
Could you possibly warp the ships in, far outside from the other ships, set their ship class, and then warp them in again where they're supposed to be?

I know this currently isn't possible but from what Goober's saying it sounds like a warp-in SEXP would be easier to implement.
2006-02-18 14:34   
You could try that, but the warp effect generated by the sexp won't do any ship clipping.
2006-05-22 10:11   
Reminder sent to karajorma

I've heard that this has been implemented. Is this true?
2006-05-22 12:38   
Yep. I managed to used a function from the team loadout code to implement this.

I'd never noticed that it was a bug report or I'd have nicked it off you and marked it resolved :D
2006-05-22 15:19   
Then why didn't you do so just now? :p

Resolving. :D

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