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0000007FSSCPHT&Lpublic2003-11-23 06:132006-10-26 23:24
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Summary0000007: Engine glows render as white, nontransparent quads in OpenGL
Additional InformationMost of the time they render wrong, but it seems to be affected by the most strange and unrelated things, such as the fact that firing primaries sometimes causes them to revert to being drawn normally for a short while, or that in some specific angle (which is seemingly random) they also draw correctly. wierd.
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2003-11-23 06:14   
Note that this is in OpenGL HT&L (Which is why I placed it under the HT&L category and mentioned OpenGL)
2003-11-23 06:18   
I've been unable to trace this one, because everything seemed to be moving along just fine, but I'll try again.

Also, it seems that particles are affected too, but other things, such as sun glows and lens flares (Which I seem to be the only person using :) render just fine.
2003-11-25 05:23   
The bug itself is definitely rendering the quads when the texture is set to NULL (or 0, rather, in OpenGL's case), but when I debugged through it, the texture seemed to be set just fine.
2003-11-25 07:48   
Finally! It seems that the culprit was the call to glMaterialfv(GL_FRONT_AND_BACK,GL_AMBIENT_AND_DIFFUSE, &col.r); which sets the material diffuse and ambient to 1.0f. For some reason that caused problems with some of the unlit primitives. I suspect a driver bug, but I'm not sure.

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