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0000006FSSCPOpenGLpublic2003-11-21 20:412007-11-22 13:58
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Summary0000006: OpenGL Missile Trails Flicker
DescriptionOn some graphics cards, the new trail rendering code causes the trails to flicker in and out.
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2004-02-11 13:49   
is this HT&L or not? i think something may be overrunning its bounds
2004-03-05 12:07   
i figured this may also be attributed to v-sync not being enabled
2004-04-06 21:16   
is this fixed?
2004-04-06 22:04   
i saw it in non-HTL mode, but it works perfectly in HTL
2004-04-06 22:26   
pls fix it in non-htl and close the bug :D
2004-04-12 12:31   
ok i looked into this and it happens if missile trails come close to the player's view point in non-htl mode. I'm thinking its possible some miscaclulated screen coordinates when the trail goes through the non-htl functions
2005-03-12 16:10   
hmm this is an old one.

anyone still having problems?
2005-03-12 18:31   
It's still happening but I haven't been able to come up with a fix. Don't really care to spend much time working on it either.
2005-08-24 07:43   
Are we even supporting nohtl anymore?If not, this should just be closed.
2005-08-24 18:40   
It might be a good idea to maintain a certain amount of support for compatibility purposes.
2005-08-24 19:07   
non-HTL is broken at the moment btw. I found that out last night when testing some things. Bobboau's geometry_batcher kill the g3_draw*() stuff since it can send too many verts through at the time.
2005-08-30 11:08   
close as nobody gives a damn? :p. Haven't noticed this in ages either.
2005-08-31 14:38   
Well, if nohtl is broken, there's hardly any point in fixing this, but I'd rather leave this one open until there's either a fix, or an order from above (Goob, Inq?) to drop nohtl.
2006-02-18 21:16   
(Last edited: 2006-02-18 21:17)
since we're ditching non-HTL, and the fact that non-HTL is broken anyway, can i just close this?

edited on: 02-18-06 21:17
2006-03-16 12:44   
Well, I think I've got the non-HTL crash problem properly fixed now (just adjusted the interp_allocate stuff to also handle this). I guess that all that's left for this is to give it proper clipping, since it doesn't have any currently. Bobboau just basically didn't do this right. But I can't say that I'd personally be all that thrilled to go in and make the drawing and clipping functions properly handle tristrips.

Unless someone else is willing to do that then I say we close this because it's not worth messing around with. It's a minor graphical glitch which just isn't that annoying and almost no one is going to see at this point.
2006-03-24 07:25   
Well, I don't care, and apparently neither does anyone else. I'll close this for now then and if I ever get the desire to try and track this down again I'll take another look at it. If I can't figure it out then both of those people who prefer to use non-HTL mode on every Feb 29th will just have to deal with it.
2006-03-24 07:25   

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