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0000530FSSCPdockingpublic2005-09-04 12:362012-07-01 22:02
ReporterThe Trivial Psychic 
Assigned ToGoober5000 
PlatformAMD-2600+ 1GB DDR400 ATI9600XTOSWin98SEOS VersionSE
Product Version3.6.5 
Target Version3.6.14Fixed in Version 
Summary0000530: Multi-Dock And Wings
DescriptionWhen a wing of ships is docked to a larger ship, as part of its initial status, after saving FRED will deny the Wing editor access to that wing, and upon saving, the following error will be displayed:

Ship "Alpha 1" in wing should be called "XXXXX"

In this case "XXXXX" refers to the first wing docked to a ship (again, as part of its initial status) and it will be the last ship in that wing, no matter how many ships are ain it.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a ship model (or modify an existing one) with enough dockpoints to dock a wing. Place it in FRED, create a non-player wing and dock all ships in this wing to the carrier model. As always, be sure that there is an Alpha wing for the player to be part of, and give the docked wing initial orders of "play dead" (if you plan on playing said mission). Save the mission, then access the wing editor and attempt to select the docked wing. Attempt a second save to view the error message.
Additional InformationI haven't tried multi-docking such as this, in a case when the parasite craft are not in a wing. Also, attempts to play the above scinario result in a CTD soon after carrier arrival. A debug build will bring up an error message during mission load with the following:

Assert: objp->wingnum == -1
File: C:\fs2_open\code\Mission\MissionParse.cpp
Line: 3828
[This filename points to the location of a file on the computer that built this executable]

Call stack:
    parse_wings() parse_mission() parse_main() mission_load() game_start_mission() game_enter_state() gameseq_set_state() game_process_event() gameseq_process_events() WinMainSub() WinMain() WinMainCRTStartup() KERNEL32.DLL bff8b560()
    KERNEL32.DLL bff8b412()
    KERNEL32.DLL bff89dd5()
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related to 0001185resolved z64555 Red alert and docked player = BUG 
has duplicate 0001848closed Goober5000 When ai-goal "undock" is set for the "fighers" game crashes 
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2005-09-04 14:42   
Duplicate of 424.
2006-01-27 22:49   
Reopened just in case this is still an issue. With the new initial-docking code allowing stuff to dock to wings, this may be fixed. TP, can you check the next CVS?
2006-02-01 21:48   
Reminder sent to The Trivial Psychic

Yoo hoo... ;)
The Trivial Psychic   
2006-02-01 23:08   
Sorry, I missed the bug resurrection. I'll give this a try the next chance I get.
The Trivial Psychic   
2006-02-04 20:05   
OK, I just tested this out again. I had a wing of ships docked to a capital ship and the mission wouldn't even load. A debug build gave me:

Warning: There are multiple dock leaders in the docking group containing the leader DH Destroyer 2! Setting DH Destroyer 2 as the sole leader...

It refused to load the mission no matter what I did.
2006-02-04 20:51   
Was the wing's arrival cue set to true?
The Trivial Psychic   
2006-02-05 12:32   
The ships in the wing were set to false, but the wing itself was set to true.
2006-02-05 13:05   
And yet the wing itself is docked to a carrier.

Try setting the wing's arrival cue to false.
The Trivial Psychic   
2006-02-06 14:56   
When I assign the wing arrival cue to "false", the mission loads fine, so that's solved, but there are other issues I'm now facing. So I'd have some comparisson, I had 2 ships in the mission. One had 6 individual fighters docked to it, while the other had a wing of 6 docked to it. I gave the 6 individual ships in the non-wing "play dead" orders while I have the entire real wing a "play dead" order. When the first ship warped in, the one with the non-wing, I noticed that the individual fighters also generated their own warp effect. For the 2nd ship with the wing attatched, it came out of the warp vortex in a completely different vector than what the vortex was. It then proceeded to flip out widely as it shed the various ships docked to it until there were just 2. Those that were cast out, were destroyed. I even tried giving all the ships "none" for AI. That didn't seem to make a difference. Those that were in the non-wing, also started to act stragely once I fired a heavy weapon at one of them. Primaries and anti-fighter secondaries caused no problems, but when I fired an anit-cap weapon, they suddenly started flipping the ship they were docked to, around and around like the winged ships had. The only solution I can see would be to disable and take out the weapons systems on all docked ships in this instance. I'm concerned that a ship with no AI class and a play-dead 89 order, could suddenly start doing something.

Be advised, all of my recent tests have been with Redmenace's 2006/02/02 build.
2006-02-09 11:43   
On the seperate warp graphics; I had noticed that before with even paired dockings. IIRC it was a triton+cargo in Derelict, and there were two distinct warp holes that opened for the group. It should be one.
2006-06-03 01:41   
Okay, there's too much information here. TP, can you open another report that only mentions the existing bug? There are several bugs described here, many of which are fixed, and I don't want to waste time chasing after fixed bugs. If there is more than one bug that still exists, open one report for each bug.

Once that's done, I'll close this.
2006-06-03 01:42   
Oh, and if you don't know whether a set of issues is one bug or two, err on the side of making too many bug reports. It's much easier to close duplicate reports than it is to keep track of the status of multiple problems in one report.
The Trivial Psychic   
2006-06-04 02:11   
Well, most of the issues I encountered have disappeared. However, a wing that's docked to another ship, must have its wing arrival set to "false", which isn't done by default. Perhaps, this is the only thing of the original bug, that should get fixed. As a note to anyone trying this, regardless of whether the docked ships are individual or in a wing, they MUST be individually given Play Dead orders, which I set to 89. This works whether AI is set to "none" or not.

As for the rest of the stuff, as long as the above is adhered to, there's no problems. The "Huge" weapons prompting AI resurection isn't happenning, the ship is arriving from subspace in the proper angle, no extra warp effects for the docked craft, no flipping out of the carrier, and no shedding of the parasite fighters. I think that once the issue with a docked wing not being set to "false" arrival in the wing editor is fixed, we can call this closed and there'll be no need to open up any more.
2006-06-04 14:48   
From what you said, there still appear to be two bugs:

1) a wing that's docked to another ship must have its wing arrival set to "false", which isn't done by default

2) regardless of whether the docked ships are individual or in a wing, they MUST be individually given Play Dead orders, which I set to 89. This works whether AI is set to "none" or not.

Can you post two Mantis reports regarding these?
The Trivial Psychic   
2006-06-11 15:17   
2 bugs posted. You may close this one.
2006-06-11 23:54   
Kthx. :)
2006-11-25 02:06   
I'll resolve this when all three child bugs are resolved.
2007-10-22 01:42   
Hmm. Upon further examination, this *particular* bug description is caused by something subtly different.
2012-07-01 22:02   
Should be fixed as of r8967. (Many of the trunk revisions from 8914 to 8967 were mentioned in this ticket in one way or another.)

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