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0003209FSSCPPilot datapublic2020-07-13 07:122020-12-24 04:56
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Product Version19.0.0 
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Summary0003209: Special characters in ship names will break JSON pilot
DescriptionFirst found in Procyon Insurgency, which has a ship named GTF Erinyes².

When killed by the player, the JSON will end up with a scoring entry with no name value, resulting in a JSON crash at game start.

Of course this is mostly a modder issue here (don't use freaking special characters when we have "#name" available for ship names), but I feel like debug should at least throw a warning when parsing that ship entry. Right now FSO loads this ship fine (except for the specific JSON issue).
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2020-07-13 13:15   
The unprintable character trick has been around ever since retail days. The # symbol in ship names wasn't supported until a few years into FSO's existence. (However the # symbol in ship class names has been supported since FS1.)

This is most likely a character encoding issue.
2020-07-13 16:22   
Fixed in this PR:

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