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0003205FSSCPlocalizationpublic2018-02-26 13:102019-11-19 00:34
Assigned Tom_m 
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Summary0003205: Translateable Ship/Wing names in missions
DescriptionIn missions it is possible to create ships with individual class names with the help of the $Alt entry.
There is also a $callsign entry that is used as a message source.

If you use the $Alt Name entry in the ships and weapons.tbl, you can create working translation of weapons and ships names, because $Name is still used for reference in the game.

I actually would like to see such function in missions, too, so that you can translate the names of specific objects (waypoints as a favorite example) or wings in different languages without to create a specific version of the mission.
Additional InformationRetail used some kind of similar function, because the Support ship is named differently in the several languages without to break events and missions that asks for a ship with the name 'Support'.

Maybe this idea could also be used for some new SEXPs too, so that it would be possible to change the name of a ship during a mission without a script. (maybe with an -xstr extension like in the add-intel-xstr SEXP).
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2019-11-19 00:34   
M!m took care of this.

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