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0003204FSSCPlocalizationpublic2018-02-26 12:402019-10-13 14:58
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Summary0003204: $Command Sender as #Command source in messages
DescriptionIn missions it is possible to create an custom named sender for command messages. Unfortunately this entry only works for the built-in command messages but not for the actual messages in the mission that has the #Command source.
They are still send by "Command" even Command is named or specified differently.

For multilingual support it would be better, if #Command is equal to the $Command sender, because then you do not have to change all messages and have to create several versions of the same mission. You can take over the $command sender with an XSTR into the tstrings.tbl, translate it there and then all #Command messages would have the translated name of the source.

Is there a particular reason why both entries are seperate to each other? In which cases is #Command different to the $command sender anyway?
Steps To ReproduceCreate a mission, set an invidiual command name in the mission specs and then make a send-message event with #Command as communication source.
Additional InformationThe $command sender line should always added with an XSTR by default in a mission file even if the default entry is used. So that this is always translateable by default.
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2019-05-02 22:59   
The mission's "Command Sender" refers to the Command persona, not the #Command source specified by send-message.

This issue sounds familiar. Was this already resolved elsewhere?
2019-10-12 14:23   
This is implemented in GitHub PR 2106:
2019-10-13 14:58   
PR merged.

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