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0003203FSSCPgameplaypublic2018-02-12 15:332019-12-14 17:46
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Product Version3.8 
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Summary0003203: Unrecoverable crash at end of first part of a mission
DescriptionDuring Act 2 at the end of the mission where the Eva is destroyed, shortly after destroying the Eva and just before receiving new orders, the game crashes, with the bug codes as attached. Reloading the game does not help and I cannot progress with the campaign.

Steps To ReproduceAll other friendly ships had been destroyed and I was the only ship (with a support ship) left in game. I destroyed the Eva and it crashed on loading to the new orders screen.
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2019-11-28 00:55   
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Luckily it looks like m!m hit this bug himself and fixed it. Turns out red-alert missions were not taken into account when the assert was written.

Here is the probable fix:

Now, I'm going to mark this as waiting for feedback. Use either 19.0 RC1 or a recent nightly to see if you still have the issue. In six months, if I don't hear anything I'll just mark it as resolved because it is very likely to be fixed at this point.

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