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0003200FSSCPuser interfacepublic2017-10-20 19:132017-10-20 19:20
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Summary0003200: Unix/Linux/BSD: program can never get focus when run on pure xorg xserver
Descriptionwhen program is started with dedicated xserver, without using a desktopenvironment (like gnome or KDE) and without any window manager (like openbox or fvwm), then it is not possible for this program to receive input focus. And therefore the program can not receive user input, it is impossible for the user to control the program nor quit the program.

I expected the program to get input focus and be usable.
Steps To Reproduce1.) Login in into an Linux terminal (a real tty! Like the one you get, when pressing CTRL-ALT-F1 at the same time)
2.) be sure you have no ".xinitrc" file in your home directory
3.) change path to Freespace 2 Open installation directory.
4.) then start freespace with dedicated xserver via command:
$startx ./fs2_open
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2017-10-20 19:20   
it does not matter if program is run in fullscreen or windowed mode

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