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0003198FSSCPgameplaypublic2017-08-12 08:362018-12-27 14:53
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Product Version3.7.5 
Target VersionFixed in Version21.0.0 
Summary0003198: Support ships give primary weapons
DescriptionIf you do not equip every primary weapon bank with a weapon on a ship during a mission, a called in support ship during the mission will not only restock your missiles, but will equip you with an additional primary weapon (Prom in FSPort and PromR in FS2) for the empty slot.
Steps To ReproduceCopy the attached mission in your data/mission folder. Play the mission and call a Support ship.

Or play a mission where you do not equip a weapon on all your primary slots and call in a support.
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Attached Files? Support Ship Test.fs2 (2,250) 2017-08-12 08:36

2017-08-12 22:12   
Support ships adding primary weapons to empty banks was an intentional feature on Volition's part:

Making the system more customizable would be nice, but it would be a new feature, so it'll need to wait until the current feature freeze is over.
2017-08-13 09:03   
Actually there is a difference between developer/debug and player-features.

This feature make sense for debug and developer reasons, but not for the player, especially if the mission is designed, that you use only one Primary weapon.
At least the support ship should give you a weapon that is allowed in the mission. For example, is the only bank used by a Subach HL-7 and all other weapons are locked, the support ship should give you a HL-7 only, but not a weapon that is not allowed by the mission file.

For me this behaviour is still explainable as an debug-only function, but a bug in a regular build :).

Especially because unused secondary banks get missiles in debug-builds only also afaik.

But whatever, thanks for the reply and i hope this will be fixed soon.
2017-08-13 09:55   
The feature explicitly exists for mission design purposes, not as a testing function (if it were a debug feature, it would just require a simple keypress... as, in fact, there is such a debug feature for changing a ship's weapons). Now, it's not helpful for the kind of mission you (and others) want to design, and I get that, but that still doesn't make it a bug. That doesn't mean we won't fix it anyway, but it does mean you'll have to wait until after FSO 3.8.0 goes final.
2018-12-27 14:53   
Implemented in PR 1953.

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