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0003197FSSCPFREDpublic2017-04-24 00:562017-04-24 00:56
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Summary0003197: Ship editor initial status screen does not reliably update mission file
DescriptionThe Initial Status window box for speed does not save a value of 0 to the mission file. A non-zero value is saved, but when 0 is entered the "+Initial Velocity: " line disappears from the mission when opened in notepad instead of properly recording 0. This does not occur with hull or shields.

A second, possibly related bug, is that the checkbox for "has shield system" is also not written to the mission file when unchecked. I'm not sure if it's stored as a bool and possibly any 0 values are filtered out for some reason. When the global shield settings are changed, the mission reacts as expected, but that flag is applied as the "no-shields" flag, not a bool on the ship status. I did not test the other 7 settings in that screen.
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