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0003186FSSCPFREDpublic2016-11-20 12:422017-02-13 18:32
ReporterThe Trivial Psychic 
Assigned Tom_m 
PlatformAMD-Ph-II X2 560 3.3-4GB-ATI570OSWindows 7OS Version64-bit
Product Version3.7.5 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003186: FRED Not Remembering Preferences
DescriptionFRED seems to have lost the ability to remember preferences. I have tested this with builds as far back as August 2nd and it is still present. Any older builds refused to run for me.
Steps To ReproduceOpen any recent thread, change some of the settings like rotation speed, close the program, and reopen. You will see that the setting has reverted.
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2017-02-13 18:32   
This has been fixed by a recent change:

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