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0003182FSSCPtablespublic2016-08-08 12:382017-07-11 18:13
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Product Version3.7.5 
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Summary0003182: $Hull Repair Rate: repairs hull back to positive numbers during ship's deathroll
DescriptionIt's kind of a minor thing, and something I've known about for years now but never thought about reporting.
It's noticable on capitalships that have a hull repair rate set on them, they reach 0% hull, start exploding, then their hull goes back up to 1% during it. They explode anyway, but it looks sort of silly.
Steps To ReproduceGive a capitalship a .tbm that adds $Hull Repair Rate: 0.1 or any other value.
Drop the ship to zero in a mission.
Observe it repairing itself during its death.
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2016-12-29 15:48   
See PR 1117:
2017-07-11 18:13   
This PR was merged.

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