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0003170FSSCPgraphicspublic2015-07-22 13:442016-03-23 19:12
Assigned Tozookeeper 
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Product Version3.7.3 
Target Version3.8Fixed in Version3.7.5 
Summary0003170: $Thruster Glow Noise Mult broken
DescriptionIt works in ship lab, but not in-mission; the multiplier doesn't get applied and the default amount of thruster noise is used. I tried checking and unchecking all sorts of launcher flags related to the new renderer, but none seemed to affect it. I tried fixing the following bit in ship.cpp ship_set_thruster_info(), but for some reason that didn't seem to affect it:

-mst->glow_noise = shipp->thruster_glow_noise;
+mst->glow_noise = shipp->thruster_glow_noise * sip->thruster_glow_noise_mult;

I'm guessing that either of these lines in modelinterp.cpp would need to take the multiplier into account:

Interp_thrust_glow_noise = mst->glow_noise;
float w = gpt->radius * (scale + Interp_thrust_glow_noise * NOISE_SCALE);

Assigned to Swifty because it seems very likely this is due to the new rendering code.
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2015-07-22 15:37   
modelinterp.cpp isn't used anymore in the new rendering engine; the equivalent line in modelrender.cpp is 2358.
2016-03-23 19:12   
A fix for this has now been merged.



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