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0003156FSSCPbeamspublic2015-04-06 13:442015-04-17 09:00
Assigned Tom_m 
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Product Version3.7.2 RC4 
Target Version3.7.2Fixed in Version 
Summary0003156: Fighter beam range depends on target radius
DescriptionWhen +Range is defined in the $BeamInfo parameters of a fighter beam, the actual effective range of the beam ingame seems to vary based on the radius of the target.

In the test mod attached, a fighter beam with a +Range of 1000 is unable to hit an Orion 1.7km away, but can hit a Colossus 3.3km away.
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Attached Filesrar fighterbeamtest.rar (3,850) 2015-04-06 13:44
patch beam.cpp.patch (1,535) 2015-04-17 03:44

2015-04-06 15:53   
The current collision code doesn't check if a detected collision is actually in range of the beam as the collision code will return every collision it can find.
I added a condition for beams where +Range is less than the far distance which checks the shield and hull collisions and invalidates them if the actual hit position is out of reach for the beam.
2015-04-17 09:00   
Fix committed to trunk@11307.

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