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0003151FSSCPPlatform-Engine interactionpublic2015-03-25 06:342015-03-27 18:51
Assigned Toniffiwan 
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Product Version3.7.2 RC5 
Target Version3.7.4Fixed in Version 
Summary0003151: Issues with -mod entries on systems with case-sensitive filesystems
DescriptionThe MediaVPs (since the 3.6.12 patch) have used a mod directory with capitals in the name. Most mods ship their mod.ini file with a reference to an all lower-case name. This is not an issue on Windows and OSX (with HFS+) because these filesystems are case-preserving. However on Linux and BSD the default filesystems are case-sensitive and thus a number of support issues have occurred with Linux/BSD users and the recent MediaVPs_2014.
Steps To ReproduceUse the Installer to install any mod that has mediavps_2014 as a dependency (e.g. Blueplanet, FSPort, JAD2.21)
Select the mod & run FSO
Note the large number of warnings due to missing data
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2015-03-25 06:37   
I've created a patch that'll perform case-insensitive directory searches and add all matches to the -mod data structures used by FSO.

And here's the branch:

I'd like to get some feedback and testing from other Linux/BSD users.
2015-03-25 08:14   
The code looks good.
2015-03-26 20:18   
Thanks for the review. Phantom_Hoover has also tested and reported that the patch works so I'll commit this in a day or so.
2015-03-27 18:51   
Fix committed to trunk@11291.

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