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0003144FSSCPuser interfacepublic2015-02-21 09:512015-08-31 01:04
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Product Version3.7.2 RC5 
Target Version3.7.4Fixed in Version3.7.3 
Summary0003144: Ship select description doesn't use line breaks and isn't bound correctly
DescriptionThis is the description used in the table

+Description: XSTR("Berserk Style: M-M-M-M-Multi Kill
Quickly destroy targets to increase a berserk multiplier.
Each kill increases the multiplier by 0.2x, up to 2x.", -1)

But in game, the line breaks are removed and the text goes past the image border. (see attached pic)
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Attached Filespng shipdescription.png (928,859) 2015-02-21 09:51

2015-02-21 13:00   
The code specifically removes line breaks, but I'm not sure why, and The E (who committed it in the first place with r6969) seemed pretty sure he didn't write it originally.

The question is: if we remove the code in missionshipcoice.cpp that strips out the newlines, will this cause weird issues with existing mods? Probably not, but it's worth looking into. Regardless, fixing the width (which is currently hardcoded with a "gr_screen.res == GR_640 ? 128 : 350" on line 1246) should be easier to do, and low-impact.
2015-02-26 20:40   
I did some measuring to find the correct line widths for ship descriptions, and they turn out to be 204 for 640x480 and 328 for 1024x768. Thus, changing that portion of line 1246 to "gr_screen.res == GR_640 ? 204 : 328" should do the trick.

For reference, the description widths that are currently in use were committed by The E at revision 7002.
2015-08-26 23:40   
Pull request:
2015-08-31 01:03   
This was merged four days ago:

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