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0003137FSSCPgameplaypublic2015-01-25 19:452015-06-29 17:02
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Product Version3.7.1 
Target Version3.7.4Fixed in Version3.7.3 
Summary0003137: CID 1266279: Unchecked return value (CHECKED_RETURN)
Description*** CID 1266279: Unchecked return value (CHECKED_RETURN)
/code/mission/missionparse.cpp: 1005 in parse_cutscenes(mission *)()
1000 // add it
1001 pm->cutscenes.push_back(scene);
1002 }
1004 // for reverse compatibility, check that we have a closing tag
>>> CID 1266279: Unchecked return value (CHECKED_RETURN)
>>> Calling "optional_string" without checking return value (as is done elsewhere 1561 out of 1571 times).
1005 optional_string("#end");
1006 }
1007 }
1009 void parse_plot_info(mission *pm)
1010 {
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2015-06-25 00:17   
(Last edited: 2015-06-25 00:18)
Whilst resolving the unchecked return value is easy, Coverity may have come across an inconsistency between the code and documentation here.

Based on my reading of:

1. If a #Cutscenes is found in a mission file, then
2. There may be ANY number of a list corresponding to the MOVIE_* #defines, and for each
3. There may be ONE +formula: tag,

after which,

4. There MUST be an #end tag.

This is further confirmed by scanning the source code, from which it is apparent there is only one other use of #end with optional_string().

grep -r --exclude-dir=.git --exclude-dir=documentation "string(\"#end"

So the correct fix here could be a refactor to align with the documentation. Provided missions were (manually) written with the documented feature, there should be no breakage of pre-exiting missions.

2015-06-25 00:23   
Proposed PR on GitHub:
2015-06-26 07:11   
Fixed in master merged commit:
2015-06-29 17:02   
I must point out that there exist missions written with #end and missions written without it. That's why when I refactored the routine in question, I specifically commented that the line was for reverse compatibility. Otherwise I would have used required_string().

The wiki documentation is not always synchronized with what FRED emits and accepts.

All that said, the change shouldn't break anything. If a mission is encountered without the #end tag, the modified code flow should still handle it. But it seems less clear than the original commit, and it no longer has the clarification comment for reverse compatibility.

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