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0003132FSSCPSEXPspublic2014-12-04 22:332014-12-09 20:43
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Product Version3.7.2 RC4 
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Summary0003132: is-iff returns true when the target is destroyed
DescriptionSee the summary. It's minor because you can work around the issue by adding:
( and ( not ( is-destroyed-delay ...
or something similar.
Additional InformationFrom a look through the code I think the issue is that sexp_get_object_ship_wing_point_team() returns OSWPT_TYPE_EXITED for ships/wings that are destroyed/departed. sexp_is_iff() doesn't handle that case and falls through to SEXP_TRUE. I think it should probably continue to return SEXP_FALSE in these cases.
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Attached Filespatch Mantis3132-sexp.cpp.patch (999) 2014-12-06 18:12

2014-12-05 01:18   
Or SEXP_KNOWN_FALSE, given that the ship won't spontaneously become un-destroyed...
2014-12-06 17:56   
Interestingly, even before the OSWPT code was added, the sexp would have exhibited this behavior, because the destroyed-or-departed check didn't exit the function.

Nevertheless, this is clearly a bug. I'm a little bit wary of changing anything because it's been around since 2006, but I'm going to assume that FREDders would have been smart enough to work around this if they had encountered a problem at the time.
2014-12-06 18:12   
Patch attached for evaluation.
2014-12-09 00:08   
thanks. Patch works for my test case, I tested both destroying the ship and changing its IFF.

Codewise, I'm not 100% sure what SEXP_NAN and SEXP_NAN_FOREVER do, but everything else looks fine.
2014-12-09 20:41   
Here's what the code says:

#define SEXP_NAN -32764 //-4 // not a number -- used when ships/wing part of boolean and haven't arrived yet
#define SEXP_NAN_FOREVER -32763 //-5 // not a number and will never change -- used to falsify boolean sexpressions

If something is NAN, it is in an indeterminate state and will be re-evaluated later... unless it's NAN_FOREVER, in which case the sexp is invalidated and not processed.
2014-12-09 20:43   
Fix committed to trunk@11193.

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